LRK believes passionately in all pathways of recovery. We consider all pathways to be a form of reducing harm, whether you recover naturally, use medication-assisted recovery, or choose abstinence-based recovery. You are ALL welcome here. This page is dedicated to providing the most useful resources for people in recovery, those who are curious, and friends and family who are looking to support loved ones. By no means is it comprehensive, but it includes a detailed list of resources that we have found to be useful in the journey of recovery and in building community support. 

Pathways of Recovery

These include mutual-aid groups (MA), recovery sports, religion, ethnicity-specific, young people's pathways (including recovery schools and colleges), recovery coaching, and therapeutic help. These pathways all support a variety of recovery goals. For more information on pathways to recover, read our article "Multiple Pathways of Recovery."

Online Community Support Groups

In these groups you can build a community of support. Recovery is tough; we need a range of people to call on who can relate to our experience and sometimes just listen. 

Online Recovery Courses

These courses can be taken while attending mutual-aid groups, or as the sole means of recovery. 

Advocacy Organizations & Advocates

Writers and journalists writing about recovery

Recovery Publications, Blogs & Websites

popular addiction Recovery Books

These books have been read by LRK and we highly recommend them, particularly the book Childhood Disrupted. They cover the crucial aspects of addiction recovery: emotional development, relational recovery, finding creative outlets, and recovering the capacity to self-regulate. 

Recovery Podcasts

These podcasts are popular within the recovery community. You may hear Liv on some of them!

addiction Recovery Support for family

Addiction is a family disease, meaning it affects our loved ones too. Here are some support resources for the families and loved ones of those with substance use disorder. 

Addiction Resources in Portland, Oregon

Below is a sampling of addiction recovery resources in Portland, Oregon. These organizations support the broad range of issues that people in recovery face, including homelessness, getting back on our feet, finding recovery support organizations, and developing advocacy. Most of these resources are free. 

Important message

If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, call 911.