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writing services


LRK offers extensive writing services, including copywriting across a range of topics and target audiences, website conceptualization, journalism, expert articles, blogs, blog management, and editing services. For more detailed examples of writing work, visit the Portfolio page or click on the contact button to discuss your requirements. 




Interactive workshops can be delivered by qualified health coaches to educate people in recovery about the impact our relationship with food has on our well-being and our recovery. 




Inspirational keynote speaking services can be provided worldwide. Liv has delivered keynote speeches to audiences over 500 people at BlogOnUK and at a recovery panel for She Does The City and She Recovers in Toronto, and has given interactive talks on mental health and blogging for Manchester Girl Geeks. We also LOVE to do podcasts. You can listen to examples of these on our Featured in page. Contact us for more information. 


We offer a range of services from qualified coaches, from nutritional to recovery coaching. Whether you need to work through a disordered relationship with food, learn new strategies for intuitive eating, or get help achieving your health goals, we can help. We also work with recovery coaches who can guide you through the challenges of recovery and help you build support networks and coping strategies to help you reach your recovery goals. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can assist you in setting up a discovery call.